Why use a Linux mail server? Check out the some of the advantages below.

  • Supports POP3, IMAP and Web mail access. These are standard services that ideally should be available in any mail system for flexible email access.

  • Is extremely fast, reliable and scalable. Linux performs well and its uptime is very, very good.

  • Does not require expensive hardware. Thanks to its fast and efficient services, expensive high end hardware is not necessary.

  • Is very secured. The Linux operating system is very difficult to exploit. The National Security Agency even contributed to allow Linux to support even stronger levels of security.

  • Has a powerful anti-spam filter. SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures.

  • Has an effective and regularly updated anti-virus. The open source nature of Clam Antivirus allows it to respond to new viruses even faster than commercial antivirus softwares.

  • Has small to zero (as in free) software cost depending on your support needs. Depending on your support needs, you have the option of using a community supported Linux or a company supported one.

  • Works with Microsoft Active Directory. You can integrate Microsoft Active Directory user accounts and distribution list into your Linux mail server to simplify administration.

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Posted on 5/11/2007 and last updated on 11/7/2009
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