SquirrelMail is an open source standards-based webmail package written in PHP. When installed, SquirrelMail is ready out of the box. All it needs is an installed web server like Apache, SMTP server like Postfix, and IMAP server like Dovecot.

Here are the installation guides for Postfix and Dovecot.

Starting the Web Server

Package Management1. If you did not add Web Server and squirrelmail during the CentOS installation, you can add it now. Using the Package Management tool, add the Web Server package. Also add squirrelmail located inside the Mail Server package.
Service Configuration2. Start the httpd service. Learn how to start and stop services here.

Testing SquirrelMail

1. Click the globe icon at the top near the Actions menu to launch the Firefox web browser.
If an error occurs, you probably did not install the Graphical Internet package. You can add it now using the Package Management tool.
SquirrelMail2. In the address box, type in http://localhost/webmail and press Enter. Type in a valid username and password and click Login.
SquirrelMail3. That’s it, it’s working.
NoteIf you encounter any problems, check the log file at /var/log/maillog.

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Posted on 3/13/2007 and last updated on 11/30/2009
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