The SquirrelMail Retrieve User Data plugin retrieves a user’s name and e-mail address from a configurable source like LDAP, MySQL, Linux system accounts and other sources. Users do not need to configure Squirrelmail before writing their first mail.


Version 0.9-1.4.3

Released on July 25, 2009
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  • Fixed the bug that occurs when RetrieveUserData is used with the ChangePassword plugin.

Version 0.9-1.4.2

Released on June 7, 2009
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  • Domain name for Linux system accounts are now retrieved from the setting in SquirrelMail instead of being derived using the hostname command.
  • Added option to disable LDAP referral chasing.

Version 0.9-1.4.1

Released on November 15, 2008
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  • Fixed Linux system account retrieval by detecting the domain name hostname command.
  • Added option to set LDAP protocol version.
  • Optimized the settings saving by.
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Posted on 6/9/2009 and last updated on 11/6/2009
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