This article will show you how to setup your Outlook 2003 address book to retrieve contact information from an Active Directory server as long as the attributes below are set.

  • cn – Common Name
  • mail – Email Address
  • displayName – Display Name

NoteFor group objects, the attribute displayName is not automatically set by the Active Directory Users and Computers console. Learn how to set the displayName attribute using ADSI Edit.

Outlook Tools Menu1. In the Outlook 2003 window, click Tools and click E-mail Accounts.
E-mail Accounts2. In the E-mail Accounts window, select Add a new directory or address book and click Next.
E-mail Accounts3. Select Internet Directory Service (LDAP) and click Next.
E-mail Accounts4. Fill in the Server Name. If your LDAP server requires a logon account, check the This server requires me to log on and fill in the User Name and Password.
E-mail Accounts5. Click More Settings. You will be reminded to restart Microsoft Office Outlook to be able to use the added directory, click Ok. In the Microsoft LDAP Directory window, click the Search tab and fill in the Search Base. Click Ok when you’re done.
E-mail Accounts6. Click Next and finally click Finish.
Address Book7. Restart Outlook 2003. Click Tools and click Address Book to launch the address book. You should now be able to see your contacts and distribution groups.

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Posted on 3/4/2008 and last updated on 11/7/2009
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