This article will show you how to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Sun Microsystem which is required by some applications like the JXplorer LDAP Browser and the Fedora Directory Server Administration tools.

Installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Firefox Java RPM1. Download the Java software for Linux from Sun Microsystem. Choose the RPM format.
JRE Properties2. Right click the downloaded file and click Properties. This will launch the Properties window.
JRE Permission3. In the Properties window, click the Permissions tab and check Allow executing file as program. Click Close when you are done.
JRE License Agreement4. Double click the file to execute it and click Run in Terminal. Press Spacebar until you reach the end of the text. Type in yes and press Enter to agree to the license terms and proceed with the installation.
Check Java Version
5. Check your Java installation by typing in the command below. Note down the version.
java -version
6. If the version being used is not the one you installed, type in the command below to make it so.
ln -sf /usr/java/default/bin/java /usr/bin/java

NoteThe above would be the case if you install the Fedora Directory Server which pulls in on an old version of Java during installation.

Configuring Firefox

Terminal Java Plugins1. Enable Firefox to find the Java plugin by typing in the commands below in a terminal window.
cd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins
ln -sf /usr/java/default/plugin/i386/ns7/ .
Firefox Plugins2. Launch Firefox and type in about:plugins in the address bar to verify the presence of Java.

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Posted on 5/25/2008 and last updated on 11/6/2009
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