This article describes how to install an SSL certificate in 389 Directory Server to be able to use encypted SSL connection during synchronization. If you will be synchronizing with an Active Directory server, make sure SSL is enabled. You’ll also need a base-64 encoded SSL certificate from your Active Directory server.

389 Management Console2. Click the + sign corresponding to your server. Next, click the + sign corresponding to Server Group and click Directory Server. Finally, click the Open button in the Directory Server page.
389 Management Console3. Click the Manage Certificates button.
389 Management Console4. Click the CA Certs tab.
389 Management Console5. Click the Install button.
389 Management Console6. Select the in this local file option and specify the location where the SSL certificate can be found. Click Next when you are done.
389 Management Console7. Verify the certificate information and click Next.
389 Management Console8. Verify the certificate type and click Next.
389 Management Console9. Click the Done button.
389 Management Console10. Finally, click Close.

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Posted on 1/18/2009 and last updated on 11/6/2009
Filed under 389 Directory Server , Active Directory , SSL/TLS