Starting and stopping services is easy in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and its derivative CentOS 4. Both has the Service Configuration tool for simplifying service administration.

Service Configuration1. Click Applications, select System Settings, select Server Settings and click Services. This will launch the Service Configuration window.
Service Configuration
2. In the Service Configuration window, check the service you wish to start on the next system startup, in this case the service postfix. To start the service immediately, press Start.
Unchecked services will not be started on the next system startup. To immediately stop a service, select the service and press Stop.
To restart a service, select the service and press Restart.
Service Configuration3. Press Save to save your changes.

NoteYou can also do this from the command line, below are the equivalent commands.

  • service [name] start
    starts the service
  • service [name] stop
    stops the service
  • service [name] status
    displays the service status
  • chkconfig ––list
    displays all the available services
  • chkconfig ––level 345 [name] on
    automatically runs the service on the next startup
  • chkconfig ––level 345 [name] off
    removes the service from the startup list

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Posted on 3/7/2007 and last updated on 5/31/2008
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