After getting a copy of Ubuntu 10.04, the steps below describes how to install it from scratch.

Boot Language1. Boot your computer from the Ubuntu 10.04 CD and select your language and press Enter.
Boot Menu2. Select Install Ubuntu Server and press Enter.
Choose Language3. Choose the installation language and press Enter.
Choose Country or Region4. Choose a country or region and press Enter.
Detect Keyboard5. Select No in the Detect keyboard layout screen and press Enter.
Origin of the keyboard6. Select the origin of the keyboard and press Enter.
Keyboard layout7. Select the keyboard layout and press Enter.
Configure the network8. Specify a hostname for the system and press Enter.
Configure the clock9. Verify your time zone. If correct, select Yes and press Enter.
Partition disks10. Select the partitioning method and press Enter.
Partition disks11. Select the disk to partition and press Enter.
Partition disks12. Select the Yes to write changes and press Enter.
Partition disks13. Specify the amount of volume group to use and press Enter.
Partition disks14. Review the partitions. Select Yes and press Enter to write changes.
Installing15. Installation will now begin.
Setup users16. Specify the full name for the new user and press Enter.
Setup users17. Specify the username for the account and press Enter.
Setup users18. Specify a password for the account and press Enter.
Setup users19. Re-enter the password and press Enter.
Setup users20. Select whether or not you prefer to encrypt your system’s home directory and press Enter.
Configure proxy21. Specify your HTTP proxy information if you have any and press Enter.
Configuring apt22. Wait while some files are downloaded from the internet.
Configure automatic updates23. Select how you would like to update your system and press Enter.
Choose software to install24. Select Mail server and press Enter.
Postfix configuration25. Select the type of mail configuration and press Enter.
Postfix configuration26. Specify the system mail name and press Enter.
Installing27. Selected software will now be installed.
Install GRUB28. Select Yes and press Enter to install GRUB.
Installation complete29. Congratulations, Ubuntu has been installed. Select Continue and press Enter to boot into your new system.

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Posted on 9/19/2011 and last updated on 9/19/2011
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