Before using SquirrelMail, the user should first fill in at least the name and email address in the Personal Information option. But we can eliminate this step by using the RetrieveUserData plugin to retrieve this information from a variety of sources and automatically update this information.

Install the RetrieveUserData Plugin

SquirrelMail1. Download the retrieveuserdata plugin.
RetrieveUserData downloaded2. Double click the downloaded file to launch the Archive Manager.
RetrieveUserData Archive3. Click the Extract button to launch the Extract window.
RetrieveUserData Extract4. Change the destination folder by clicking on Desktop. In the popup menu, select Other….
RetrieveUserData Destination5. Click the notepad button and in the Location field type in /usr/share/squirrelmail/plugins/ and click Open.
RetrieveUserData Extract6. Click the Extract button to start extracting.
NoteThe RetrieveUserData archive has to be extracted directly into the SquirrelMail plugin directory to enable Linux to apply the proper SELinux Context into the files.

Configure the RetrieveUserData Plugin

SquirrelMail Configuration1. From a Terminal window, type in /usr/share/squirrelmail/config/ and press Enter. This will launch the SquirrelMail Configuration utility.
NoteIf your Terminal window has a white background, make sure that the colors are off by looking for the command Turn color on. If the command is Turn color off, type in C and press Enter to turn the colors off. This will ensure that you will be able to read all of the text.
SquirrelMail Configuration2. Type in 8 and press Enter to list the Plugins submenu.
SquirrelMail Configuration3. Install the retrieveuserdata plugin by typing in the number corresponding to it and press Enter.
SquirrelMail Configuration
4. Return to the Main Menu by typing in 9 and press Enter. Go to the General Options by typing in 4 and press Enter. In the General Options, type in 9 and press Enter to configure the editing of identity. This option will allow you to disable editing of the name and email address since this will be automatically updated. Save your changes when you are done.
SquirrelMail5. Login to SquirrelMail and go to the Options page and click Personal Information. The Full Name and E-mail Address should have been automatically filled up.
NoteBy default, RetrieveUserData will retrieve the name and email address from the Linux system accounts, but you can configure this by editing the file /usr/share/squirrelmail/plugins/retrieveuserdata/config.php.
NoteIf you will be retrieving user information from an Active Directory or LDAP server, it will be easier if you setup the LDAP addressbook first so that the plugin can use the LDAP connection details there. Then all you have to do is comment the line $SQRUD_RETRIEVE_DATA_FROM = "passwd.php" and uncomment the line $SQRUD_RETRIEVE_DATA_FROM = "ldap.php" in the configuration file.

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Posted on 12/24/2007 and last updated on 11/30/2009
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