RPMforge is a third party RPM repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS. Adding the RPMforge repository will give you access to an extensive library of precompiled binaries. This article describes how to add the RPMforge repository in Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 5 or 6.

Adding RPMforge to Yum

The rpmforge repo package can be downloaded from the site below.

Firefox RPMforge1. Launch Firefox and go to http://dag.wieers.com/rpm/FAQ.php#B2. Click on the package appropriate for your version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS.
Firefox RPMForge Install2. Choose Open with Software Installer (default) and click Ok.
Installing RPMForge3. The Installing packages window will appear. Click Apply to proceed.
Installing RPMForge4. Finally click Ok.

Lowering the RPMforge priority

Lowering the priority of the RPMforge repository will ensure that the base packages provided by RHEL/CentOS will not be replaced by a newer version from RPMforge.

Install priorities1. Install the Yum priorities package using the command below.
yum install yum-priorities
Edit rpmforge.repo2. Edit the file /etc/yum.repos.d/rpmforge.repo and add the line below.
Yum check update3. Test your configuration using the command below. You should see a priority protections message in the output.
yum check-update

Visit the forum to ask for help or to give a comment.

Posted on 6/12/2009 and last updated on 8/8/2011
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