This article is describes how to use the plug-ins installed in 389 Directory Server. We will use the Distributed Numeric Assignment plug-in, a plug-in that automatically assigns unique uid numbers to new user entries as they are created, as an example.

Launching the 389 Management Console

389 Management Console Login1. From a terminal window, type in 389-console. This will launch the 389 Management Console Login window.
User ID
cn=directory manager
the directory manager password
Administration URL
The values above assumes you have used the default values.
389 Management Console2. Click the + sign corresponding to your server. Next, click the + sign corresponding to Server Group and click Directory Server. Finally, click the Open button in the Directory Server page.
389 Management Console3. Click the Configuration tab.

Configuring 389 Directory Server Plug-ins

389 Management Console1. Click the + sign corressponding to Plug-ins.
389 Management Console2. Click the Distributed Numeric Assignment Plugin.
389 Management Console3. Check Enable plug-in and click the Save button.
389 Management Console4. Click Ok.
CentOS 5 Service Configuration5. Restart the dirsrv service. Learn how to stop and start services here.

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Posted on 2/15/2009 and last updated on 11/6/2009
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